Our Services

Lobbying Services

Arnold & Associates provides lobbying services to clients on a wide variety of issues. Servicing Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government entities and not-for-profit associations, Arnold & Associates brings the client's needs to key executive branch and legislative decision makers.

Our Services Include:

Legislative Summaries and Bill Tracking:

Over 1,000 bills are filed each legislative session by House and Senate members. These filings normally occur during a 4-month period beginning with the pre-filing of bills December 1. Arnold & Associates thoroughly reviews each bill filed and makes a determination as to whether the bill could directly or indirectly affect one of our clients operations. If we determine the bill impacts one of our clients, we add the bill to our Master Bill Tracking list and also to a specific track list that we establish, update and maintain for each individual client.

Legislative Activity and Bill Status Reporting:

Each week, and more often if needed, beginning in December, Arnold & Associates generates a Legislative Activity and Bill Status Report for our lobbying clients. These reports include information about current legislative floor and committee activities as well as a complete bill tracking status report that includes the clients tracked bills, a short description (the initial listing will also include a complete detailed summary of the bill) and a listing of the last three (3) actions taken on the bill. The weekly Legislative Activity and Bill Status Report is also used to provide Committee Hearing Alerts to notify clients when one of their tracked bills has been scheduled for a hearing by a legislative committee.

Presenting Legislative Proposals:

Legislative committees are excellent forums for new ideas and policy review discussions. Arnold & Associates assists our clients in the development of legislative solutions. Whether it's drafting a bill, an amendment to a bill or substitute bill, Arnold & Associates has the expertise and technical knowledge to get the job done and meet the client's objectives.

Committee Hearing Monitoring & Reporting:

House and Senate committees meet each week during the legislative session and conduct public hearings on the various bills that have been assigned to committee. Arnold & Associates monitors hearing schedules and notifies clients of impending hearings on bills on the tracking list. Hearing activities and hearing results are reported to clients on a weekly basis through the Legislative Activity and Bill Status Reports.

Administrative Rules:

Most all state agencies are granted administrative rule making authority by the legislature to implement programs. These rules are intended to make program implementation smoother and less rigid than writing detailed implementation procedures in statute. Proposed administrative rules are published bi-monthly by the Secretary of State in the Missouri Register before they become effective. Once effective and in the Code of State Regulations, the rules have the effect of statute. Sometimes, rulem-aking agencies go beyond their statutory intent and it is necessary to oppose a proposed rule. Arnold & Associates has extensive experience with this process and an excellent track record when opposing rules that go beyond their statutory authority.

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