About Us


Arnold & Associates represents clients on a variety of legislative and regulatory issues.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Budgetary Issues

  • Program and decision item review
  • Monitoring budget mark-up and Executive Branch Review

Law Enforcement

  • Criminal Code modifications
  • Communication Interoperability
  • Police Admin and Homeland Security

State Agency Procurement

  • RFP monitoring and development


  • Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) enforcement
  • Wholesale and Retail Tobacco sales regulations

Gaming & Wagering

  • Riverboat casino gaming legislation
  • Gaming Commission regulatory monitoring

State Finance & Insurance

  • Consumer Lending Code legislative and regulatory issues
  • Title Insurance Code re-write and rules development


  • 1996 Federal Telecom Act issues
  • No-call list issues
  • Telecom regulation

Gas Utility Issues

  • Cold weather rules
  • Pipeline safety and cost efficiency legislation

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